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Facebook – The Satisfaction Destroyer

Adam Personal Improvement 4 Comments

I have good life. I have a great significant other, 2 awesome dogs, and a whole bunch of friends I care about. I have a high paying job, no debt (beyond my minimal mortgage), and am a great position financially. We have nice things. We do fun stuff all the time. Concerts, events, vacations and road trips. Now I know all this …

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Your “Stop Doing” List

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I’m a big fan of lists. I use daily ones at work to focus my tasks. I keep ones for this blog, my Amazon business, and general things I need to get done. BUT, a lot of the time, those lists can be tough. They’re just another thing to feel bad about for not finishing. Beyond that, a lot of …


2016 Goals and Resolutions

Adam My Life, Personal Improvement 6 Comments

We recently reviewed our 2015 goals and where we succeeded and where we didn’t. I think it went pretty well. This post should have been a couple of weeks ago, but I want to lay out my 2016 goals. I think it’s important to hold myself accountable and let the community do so as well. If you aren’t creating a …

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The Extra Mile is Never Crowded

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I was recently listening to Mixergy (one of my favorite business podcasts) interview Jayson Gaignard, author of Mastermind Dinners (book review here) on the topic of “How to Amaze People with Big Gestures.” They were discussing a recent event Jayson put on and how he went above and beyond with just the invitations. Rather than something on paper or even a personalized video, he …


5 Steps to Accomplish Anything

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As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been trying really hard to get my content out on social media and guest post on other sites. Recently I’ve put up content over at The Frugal Farmer, Gen Y Finance Guy, Mr. 1500, and Modest Money. Today I’ve done some work with one of the greats of the personal finance community, and put up a …

My 3 Favorite Commencement Addresses

Adam Mental Models, Personal Improvement

In honor graduation this year, I thought I would share 3 of my favorite commencement addresses that address 3 very different topics from 3 very different angles. You’ll hear from a poet philosopher, a genius billionaire CEO, and and an Naval Admiral. A lot of great lessons here. Most importantly: Be kind, empathetic, and remember life does not revolve around you. …