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Interview Series

I’m just starting my interview series. I’ve posted the questions below and would love to see some submissions.

  1. What’s your story?
    1. Feel free to share in any free form you choose about how you got on the blogger track, your current or prior career, and why you are interested in the personal finance / personal improvement space. This can be multiple paragraphs.
  1. When people ask you what you do, what’s your answer?
  1. How do you explain your side hustles?
  1. What’s the best and worst financial mistakes you’ve personally made?
  1. What area of your life do you indulge in luxuries? Where do you cut ruthlessly?
  1. We don’t save money just to stare at the comma’s. What goal are you working toward and why?
  1. What opinion or view have you changed your mind about in the past year?
  1. What opinion or belief do you hold that most people don’t?
  1. What’s the best $100 you’ve spent this year?
    1. The point of this question is to ask what small thing have you bought that’s brought an unusual amount of utility, use or joy to your life.
  1. What does your morning routine look like?
    1. When do you get up? Any morning habits (yoga, meditation, workout, coffee, etc)? Looking for interesting tidbits from top performers.
  1. What book have you most gifted or recommended?
  1. Any favorite podcasts?

I’ve stolen a variety of these questions from other podcast interviewers (particularly Tim Ferriss) because they’re what I find the most interesting. Just want to give credit.

Index Card Challenge

Content Guest Posts

I’m open to any ideas for tips, tricks, stories, or anything else that you think might fit my brand and audience. Obviously we’re largely focused personal finance, investing, personal improvement, self-sufficiency and living a better life. Please make sure to hit a minimum of 500 words.

Interview and Guest Post Criteria

  • You should have your own website where you make regular blog posts
  • Include a short biography with a link to your blog or social networking site
  • You may openly link back to your blog, but they need to be only to relevant content. No affiliate links without approval.
  • Check your post for spelling and grammar before submitting
  • Feel free to include relevant images
  • Please include a 2-3 sentence bio with links to your site and social media. A picture doesn’t hurt.
  • Promote your post by broadcasting it on your social networking sites
  • Be willing to respond to comments on the day your post is published


If you’d like to submit, send your filled out interview series or guest post to adam at adamchudy dot com or use the contact form below