2016 Goals and Resolutions

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We recently reviewed our 2015 goals and where we succeeded and where we didn’t. I think it went pretty well. This post should have been a couple of weeks ago, but I want to lay out my 2016 goals. I think it’s important to hold myself accountable and let the community do so as well. If you aren’t creating a …

2015 review 2

2015 – A Year in Review

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We set some lofty and quite varied set of goals for 2015. We didn’t hit them all, but I feel pretty good about another year. I switched companies, it’s rough times in Houston, and we’ve had a lot of other changes (like most years I guess), but we’ve managed to get a lot of good things done. More good things …

thanksgiving 2


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Another year is headed to a close and it’s the time of year to consider what we have to be grateful for. I’m not one who naturally sits back and considers how wonderful my life is, to be content, and to just sit back. I always feel the need to be moving forward, though I’m working on a gratitude practice. …


Today I Turned 30

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Today was the day. The big 3-0. Damn was that fast. Honestly, I can’t quite decide how I feel about it. Caitlin has made the same comment more than once, “Age is a privilege denied to many” and while it’s true, it’s still a bit of a bummer. In my mind, I still picture myself as a better looking (cough, cough), less …

Travel and Family Fun

Recent Travel

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We’ve done a couple of weekend trips lately and I know many of you enjoy a view in to our lives a bit so I thought I’d share a few photos. We managed to take a great 4 day weekend to stay with friends in St. Louis and used our Southwest points and Companion Pass to fly free. That’s  my …


Sunshine Blogger Award

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Recently I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Awards by both Fervent Finance and How to Get Rich Slowly. I apologize for the long delay. I’ve been trying to get multiple projects off the ground.  I’m always honored to have fellow writers think highly enough of me to put me up for anything. Without further adieu, let’s get to the …


Summer Garden Update

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As you all know, we’re pretty big gardeners. Huge number of fruit trees (22 i think?) and as of this spring, 4 vegetable beds (12×4, 8×4). I hoped that putting in the extra 80 feet of garden space would really allow a better mix of vegetables and moving them around easier. However, this year has been a DISASTER. I don’t know …


10 Questions with Mr. 1500

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Today my interview with Mr. 1500 went live. It was a real pleasure to be featured since he is one of my favorite personal finance and DIY bloggers around. Check out the interview if you some time on this Sunday. We’ve also got our weekend linkfest out there for more great Sunday reading. Still here? If so consider using Tradeking (Special …