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Oil Prices – and here and here and here and here Halliburton to buy Baker Hughes Oil and Water (N. American energy revolution) Private Equity bets big on oil and gas revolution Oil-Glut Spurs Further Losses America’s Uneven Boost from Cheaper Oil Falling Oil Prices Middle East Impact GOP Takeover of Senate puts crude export ban in focus The real …

Millenial Money – Book Review and Notes

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I recently finished Patrick O’Shaughnessy‘s book, Millennial Money. who also has a great blog over at Millennial Invest. I really enjoyed the book. It’s good to hear an investment philosophy specifically geared toward the under 30 crowd. There wasn’t a lot of groundbreaking information, but it was a very solid primer on all the advantages that youth conveys to the …

Orange tree going strong. Winter is citrus season.

November Fruit Tree Update

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The best part of November and December is obviously the holidays. But here in Houston, my other favorite thing is watching the citrus change colors. I think it’s a wonderful thing that right when people are most in need of Vitamin C, the orange trees are perfectly ripe. Not every one realizes this, but oranges start out completely green and …

Winter Garden Update

November Garden Update

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Last time I posted about the garden, we had just planted all the fall greens. Since then we’ve had some HUGE growth. The fact that you can put seeds in the ground, add some water and love (or fertilizer) and they turn into giant plants, full of nutritious food never ceases to amaze me. I really can’t get over the …

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Goldman says expect crude to fall to $70 America’s BTU Balance Sheet ($ Decline no longer huge economic boost) Boone Pickens tells US companies – stop drilling the pace of technological innovation is pricing oil, not Saudi supply Oil will tumble to $70 says new ‘bond king’ and analyst predicts $70 crude The bear case on the US oil boom …