Hey there! I’m Adam and this is my site. Either you’ve stumbled across it because we share some common interests or your probably an ex-girlfriend doing some googling. Welcome either way.

I’m from Arkansas, a Razorback born and bread.

I graduated from the University of Arkansas and while I was there caught the travel bug. I manage to spend a summer in Mexico, Spain (plus some backpacking around Europe) and New York.

Since college I’ve bounced around a few states and companies, and finally ended up here in Houston, as a strategy and planning analyst (whatever that means) for a major oil and gas company. I managed to become a CFA Charterholder along the way, so I’m apparently not too dumb about the basics of investing and personal finance.

I live here with my girlfriend Caitlin and our 2 dogs, Stella and Elvis.

We’re a good chunk of the way along our the way to FI and enjoying the journey. We’re probably not the most frugal of the community, but we focus hard on the big wins – No debt (except mortgage), a home well within our means, automated personal finance, maxing out our tax advantaged accounts, and just being mindful of spending on things we find value in.

I started this site because I like to write and it’s something I would like to get better at. I think putting your thoughts down on paper forces you to think more logically and rigorously. Hopefully it also helps build a community of like-minded people to discuss those topics with. It also wouldn’t hurt the FI journey if the blog managed to make a bit of money along the way.

Hope you enjoy reading. If you do, send me a note or drop a comment. It really does make all the difference in motivation to put in the time. It’s a lot of work to regularly put out content and the interactions with readers are what makes it worth it.