The New Job Market

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A lot of food for thought in the new Aeon article titled The Quitting Economy. It basically better explains everything I’ve thought about the new job market, where companies don’t value long-term employees, so employees must value themselves first. A favorite quote, In a society where market rules rule, the only way for an employee to know her value is to …

Millennials are Holding Too Much Cash

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The exact wrong people are holding waaaay too much cash. If you have 30+ years of investing runway (all millennials) and you are holding a lot of cash for no reason, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Start a simple, set it and forget it monthly process and don’t hurt your future self.  

The AC Interview Series with Nate from Investment Zen

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Nate from Investment Zen This is an interview with Nate from InvestmentZen. Investment Zen’s goal is to show you how to put money to work for you, so you don’t have to work for money. You can find him on twitter here. What’s your story?  How did I get on the blogger track…I ask myself that question sometimes! It feels …

This guys an idiot

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I was recently reading an article in The Atlantic titled The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans. I’ve got to be honest, I was feeling pretty disgusted by the time I was done. How many times are these stupid, upper class yuppies going to complain about where the economy is but take little responsibility for their own actions? Does he take some level …

How to Extend your Amazon Prime for Free

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Did you know that Amazon backs it’s 2 day Prime guarantee with extra free months of prime? Ya me neither. I recently heard this and put the advice to the test. I was irritated that a product I ordered took 5 days to show up and as I was googling the best way to address the issue, I came across …

5 Things to Do With Your Tax Return

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Even though I realize I’m simply getting back money I’ve loaned to the government at 0% interest, I’ll always prefer a refund over the need to make a payment. As tax season comes to a wrap, it’s interesting to think about the ways you can use those returns. Here are my top 5. 1. Finish maxing out your IRA The …

Facebook – The Satisfaction Destroyer

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I have good life. I have a great significant other, 2 awesome dogs, and a whole bunch of friends I care about. I have a high paying job, no debt (beyond my minimal mortgage), and am a great position financially. We have nice things. We do fun stuff all the time. Concerts, events, vacations and road trips. Now I know all this …