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Winter Garden Update

Adam Garden 2 Comments

I haven’t put up a garden post in a while, so I thought I would let you know what we’ve been up to! Houston gardening is a whole lot easier in the winter than the summer. Our summer temperatures make gardening rough. Daily watering, huge bug problems (some of which nothing stop) and other things make it a daily battle. …


Summer Garden Update

Adam Garden, My Life 4 Comments

As you all know, we’re pretty big gardeners. Huge number of fruit trees (22 i think?) and as of this spring, 4 vegetable beds (12×4, 8×4). I hoped that putting in the extra 80 feet of garden space would really allow a better mix of vegetables and moving them around easier. However, this year has been a DISASTER. I don’t know …


10 Reasons to Start a Garden

Adam Garden 3 Comments

Instead of putting out a new post today, I’m going to direct you over to my friends at The Frugal Farmer, where we collaborated to talk about one my favorite hobbies – gardening. Go check out 10 Reasons to Start a Garden. Hope you enjoy! Still here? If so consider using Tradeking (Special $200 bonus offer) for your next brokerage and …


How to build a garden bed

Adam DIY, Garden, My Life 6 Comments

Last week we decided to double up on our garden space. We’ve planted a massive number of trees, but we only had 2 raised beds, an 8×4 and 12×4. It’s a good bit of space for the winter garden, which is largely greens, but when we plant the more diverse summer garden, it doesn’t leave enough space for everything we wanted …

It’s about living well, not being cheap

Adam Garden, My Life, Personal Finance 12 Comments

I’ve been thinking about Mr. Money Mustache’s recent conversation with Andrew Horowitz and the misconceptions he had about what it means to live frugally. Being frugal doesn’t mean cheap. It doesn’t mean deprivation. It’s not about eliminating everything fun in your life that you enjoy. As MMM says,  This is not about being cheap, minimalist, or extreme. It’s about using …


Houston Citrusfest

Adam Garden, My Life 1 Comment

It was Houston Citrusfest this weekend at our local farmers market. This is a fantastic event for any prospective fruit tree grower who isn’t sure what to plant. Your average grocery store only carries 1 or 2 maximum types of each fruit (with the exception of maybe apples). Most people thing of oranges as being oranges. Lemons are lemons. This …