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On my site we focus on how to live a better life – financially, physically, and mentally.  I hope you  join me as we explore how we can all do a little better each day.

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Earn More

While the personal finance community loves to talk about cutting lattes (which helps), we all know there’s only so much you can do if your making $20-40k per year. We talk about what you can do to boost earnings, find better career paths,  and build side businesses. Earning more is key to your financial freedom

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Spend Less

I’m not the strictest budgeter and we believe in living a RICH LIFE, so you won’t find me chastising you about your vacation, new shoes or Saturday night dinner and drinks. I believe in finding easy and BIG savings wins, minimizing your monthly fixed expenditures and focusing on mindful spending.

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Invest Wisely

Investing is always the sexy part of the equation but probably shouldn’t be. For the VAST majority of you, SAVING (early and often) is the key to winning the game. BUT we cover how to invest wisely, keep your expense ratios low, allocate your resources, and what services to use. I think you’ll find it helpful.

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Self Improvement

Living a good life, means always improving. We’re all works in progress and should be doing our best to better ourselves a little bit each day. I try to sift through the wisdom of those much smarter than me, to bring you nuggets of wisdom, inspiration, and advice that we can all learn from.

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Read, Think & Learn

In today’s modern era, you may not be able to reach the authors and entrepreneurs you admire, but you have world of mentors at your finger tips. From Seneca and Sam Walton, to Ben Franklin and  Oliver Sachs their wisdom is at our fingertips. We can learn from them together

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Travel & Explore

I’ve always had a life long love of travel, having spent my college summers in Mexico, Spain, and backpacking Europe. Now I do my best to bring you the best in credit card deals, travel tools, point bonuses and everything else I use to take 4-5 vacations a year for little out of pocket

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