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We’ve done a couple of weekend trips lately and I know many of you enjoy a view in to our lives a bit so I thought I’d share a few photos. We managed to take a great 4 day weekend to stay with friends in St. Louis and used our Southwest points and Companion Pass to fly free. That’s  my …

What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading

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Interesting Stop trying to protect everyone’s feelings (Ryan Holiday) Amazons plan for hardware (Wired) The life of a McDonalds Franchise (Boomberg) A profile of Travis Kalanick – Uber founder (FC) Holy shit – How to build a sports superstar in 2015: The engineering of 15-year-old Josh McKenzie (NJ) Farm to table living takes root (NYT) LOVE THIS Personal Improvement What …

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The Importance of the Side Hustle

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I’ve been a bit MIA from the blogosphere lately. The month’s worth of content I had written ahead of time has dwindled to about zero, my comments, guest posts, and what not have been on a very low level. Have I given up on the blog? Absolutely not! Rather I’ve been working on my 2nd side hustle. One that is very different …

What I'm Reading

What I’m Reading

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Fun, Interesting & Noteworthy How Trump invested Trump & Donald Trump vs the Index Fund (Bloomberg) No one is listening on your stupid conference call (The Atlantic) The shameful asset forfeiture by police against sex workers (Reason) Fascinating behind the scenes of a sound editor for the movies (The Guardian) Rethinking Work (NYT) Price of e-books went up on Amazon and …

$10k College

Best and Worst Majors

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We’ve been working this online college series for a long time, focusing exclusively on what it takes to go to college affordably. Today I want to switch gears and talk about what you should be doing once you get there. There are a lot of qualitative reasons to choose a major – aptitude, interest, etc… In a perfect world we could …