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I’m a big fan of lists. I use daily ones at work to focus my tasks. I keep ones for this blog, my Amazon business, and general things I need to get done. BUT, a lot of the time, those lists can be tough. They’re just another thing to feel bad about for not finishing.

Beyond that, a lot of the time the most important changes you can make in your life are identifying things to STOP DOING. We all have bad habits and things in our life that were we to simply stop, we would be a lot better off.  So for 2016, I suggest you consider figuring out 1 bad habit to stop doing. If you manage to keep it stopped for 30 days, try adding a second. If you are at all successful you should be able to stop at least 6 behaviors detrimental to your life.

I don’t personally have many financial ones. But I’ve got a number of health related ones I’m working on.

I’m going to Stop…

  • Not Getting Enough Sleep

I’m a bit of a night owl and will sit up too late reading or working on the blog or other side hustles. I need to get more and better sleep.

  • Sitting Too Much / Too Long

I’m a big believer of staying on your feet. I’m trying to spend half of my working day on my feet

  • Always working on something

Relax sometimes

  • Eating Junk

Put down the fork. Avoid the sugar

  • Getting Angry too Easily and letting the little things bother me

There’s a bit of OCD in me and I can easily be very bothered by little things (ask Caitlin). I need a little more zen in my life.

  • Constantly Comparing Myself to Others. It’s not a competition and it only leads to dissatisfaction with my own life.

This is the bane of contentment. Somebody, somewhere is always better off than you in some area. That means there’s always somebody better looking, with more money, faster moving career, better looking wife, etc… Focus on gratitude and the blessings you have.

  • Stop looking at my phone so much.

Enough said.

Some Suggestions:

  • Stop Spending on Things You “Like” not “Love”
  • Stop your habit of eating out or coffee or whatever your wasting money on
  • Stop blaming your problems on others
  • Stop putting off important tasks
  • Stop having unclear goals
  • Stop trying to keep up with the Jones’

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  2. Dividend Monster

    Great list! I’ve got a big list of my own that includes:

    -Stop drinking so much Kickstart (Mountain Dew)
    -Stop taking so many trips out a day, consolidate them!
    -Only check the cell phone when necessary – no “bored checking”

    Glad to see I’m not the only one with a love for lists. Keep yourself accountable and keep at it!

    -Dividend Monster

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  3. JayCeezy

    Really great post, Adam, an ‘evergreen’. Feeling you on the OCD and ‘getting angry too easily’ over little things. My largest frustration is with other people and what I perceive to be their enjoyment from obstructing others. It is a game to them, demonstration of their control issues, but I’m trying to get something done. The disrespect they show (and I feel) doesn’t help.

    A few years back I stopped watching television and spent a great deal of that freed-up time on sleep. My quality of waking hours really improved noticeably. But, like all the things on your list, easier said than done. Steven Tyler had a great quote from his book “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?” that stayed with me, regarding food and eating junk. Tyler has had liposuction and corrective plastic-surgery on his torso, first because “rock-and-roll has never been kind to the fat boy” and second because the fat removal made his nipples wind up much closer to his armpits than nature intended and he didn’t want to look any more ridiculous than he already does without a shirt. “It isn’t a mystery, you eat because you crave stimulation and you are bored. Keep away from the kitchen, and keep your hands away from your face.” Nice~! Continued success, Adam!

    P.S. – I have a touch of dyslexia, and misread one point as “Stop having nuclear goals.” For a split second I wondered if you had a silo buried under your raised beds.

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  4. Kyle

    I made ribs the other day and made a home made Teriyaki sauce because everything in a bottle is pure sugar. One of my sayings I’ve been telling people over the years is “Life isn’t a competition” but people are competitive. Pointless to compare people and pointless to stress about pretty much anything, easier to say sometimes though.
    I came by to see if I missed an update on your Amazon FBA adventure. I wrote a more philosophical post recently, I’d be interested in your thoughts if that’s an area that interests you.

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  5. Thomas @ i need money ASAP!

    Nice! I just read about the “stop doing” list on another site (cant remember which one though). I think its a great idea. I’m with you on the “phone” one Adam. That would probably be on the top of my list. It would also include “stop looking at Adsense and Google Analytics”. I probably refresh those 10 times per day. Even at 5 min each time thats still a whole hour I’m wasting. Yikes. Its crazy when I write it out like that.

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