Summer Garden Update

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As you all know, we’re pretty big gardeners. Huge number of fruit trees (22 i think?) and as of this spring, 4 vegetable beds (12×4, 8×4). I hoped that putting in the extra 80 feet of garden space would really allow a better mix of vegetables and moving them around easier.

However, this year has been a DISASTER. I don’t know if it was the flooding earlier in the season. It’s been a brutal summer for the garden. Most everything died. I don’t know if it was the flooding earlier  or the complete and total lack of rain since then, but most everything sprouted, grew, then died.

Grapes that had promise, didn’t turn out. The tomatoes crashed hard on me. The beans started strong then fell apart (though we did get a decent amount from them) as did the squash, carrots, and everything else.

I don’t know why. Same soil. Same sun. Same backyard. We amend the soil regularly and we mulch at maximum level. It just hasn’t worked out. Our one saving grace has been the okra. Those suckers are 4-5 feet tall and putting off more okra everyday than I can eat in a week. Figs aren’t doing so bad either, but there’s only a couple. Enjoy the photos.

Any Gulf Coast gardeners feel free to discuss in the comments.


Grand total of the tomatoes this season.

Our sad sad sad tomatoes

Grapes, Grapes, Grapes

Grape leaves starting to go to hell.

They look good here but never got bigger.

Bok Choy

Our bok choy self-seeded and made a valiant effort to live through the Houston sun and heat.



Millions of okra

Okra actually has beautiful flowers

and more Okra

Okra plants are huge and look vaguely like marijuana?

Kumquats in Bloom

Kumquat blooms


More kumquat blooms


We got rust spots and had to spray.


Cucumbers & Beans

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  1. JayCeezy

    Adam, sorry to hear! Those pictures are great, btw. Those grapes look awesome. In Cali, it all went bad this year for us. Just about everything in the garden is now dead (including two rattlesnakes). My wife says I may have mutant powers, because everything I touch dies like X-Man Rogue. We have Thompson grapes, 25-year vines, and they are the only thing that held up in our garden. The drip-system is a mess, it was a Rube Goldberg type of mish-mash that seemed to take more tending than the vegetables. Our raised beds were made out of pine planks, and are also 25 years old; the wood is rotten now. My plan is to wait two years, and if the drought doesn’t correct (this is my wishful thinking kicking in!) then I will bulldoze it. Also, tore out 32 rosebushes that only looked good six weeks each year. I might make those planters into a sculpture garden, or maybe clear it and turn it into a rock garden. Something that takes no water. Continued success to you! P.S. – also like your book reviews, thanks!

    1. Post

      Thanks Jay!

      I feel your garden pain. We tend to kill about 1/4 of what we plant each year. This has been the worst though.

      Sounds like you’ve put in some real work. If you decide to start from scratch just plan it out well from the beginning because getting the beds and the drip right from the beginning makes life a lot easier. Use cedar for the beds.

      Thanks for the kind words. Means a lot!

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