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Personal Improvement

  • The Power of Conversation: A Lesson from CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien (AOM)
  • How to think about Happiness (Quartz)
  • Why do we love luxury goods and buy things we don’t need? (Boston Review)
    • Great read with a lot of smart mental model discussion. This is the perfect example of what could be a book that takes forever to read but is nstead distilled down to a fantastic essay that I’m jealous of.
    • Quote, “Our beliefs about the hidden nature of things influence the most seemingly sensory experiences, such as the taste of food and drink. Protein bars taste worse if they are described as containing “soy protein,” ice cream tastes better when labeled “high fat,” and cola is rated higher when drunk from a cup with a brand logo. Neuroimaging studies reveal that areas of the brain associated with pleasure are more active if you believe that you are drinking expensive wine. Perhaps the most troubling finding was reported in a working paper called “Can People Distinguish Pâté from Dog Food?” The answer is no: if you grind up a product called Canned Turkey & Chicken Formula for Puppies/Active Dogs in a food processor and garnish it with parsley, people cannot reliably distinguish it from pork liver pâté.”


I just finished The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. Fantastic read. I haven’t picked a new one to start on yet. I did recently update our Books Page and hope you will check it out. I think it’s a big improvement.

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