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If you enjoyed my posts on SnagShout and The Amazing Deal Group, then you know I love free (or almost free) stuff and we buy pretty much everything at Amazon. If you don’t recall, these are review groups that provide highly discounted products in exchange for the promise of an honest group. If you join a few I’d say you’re almost guaranteed to have a lot of options for some high quality products at bargain basement prices.

I know getting random gear may annoy my minimalist brethren, but if you are a prime member (free shipping) there’s a lot of value in joining these groups. Very frequently the most offered items are either electronics related like iphone cords (which I constantly lose) that can be had for a dollar, or are home and kitchen items that are super useful. Beyond that, anytime we see something that we thought might make a great gift to a family member or close friend, we’ve grabbed one and tossed in our Gift Box. Hopefully it makes Christmas a bit more affordable this year and will certainly leave us a variety of solid house-warming gifts for the future.

Here are the links I’ve come Across:

All Star Reviews 
VIP Power Club
Elite Deal Club 
AMZ Review Trader 
Shop With Reviews
Review Loop 
Giveaway Service 
SnagShout*My personal favorite
Reviewer Deals
KabelKirekt Product Tester 
Dollar Deal Reviews
Trust Review Network 
UberZon Club 
Home Product Testing 
Product Review Club 
Amazing Deals Group 
Product Elf 
Amazon PRIME Review Club 
Gold Leaf Group
Deals for Reviews
The Trust Network

Enjoy and good hunting!

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