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paribusI recently discovered Paribus and man am I a fan! This may be the best new tool of 2015.

What does Paribus do?

Paribus links up to your shopping accounts with no effort on your part tracks your purchases. If prices drop, they get you a refund. You don’t send an email. You don’t click a button. They handle everything on your behalf.




I was a bit skeptical of how easy they made the service sound, but it really was that simple. I buy almost everything on Amazon and several times now I’ve gotten emails days or weeks after a purchase, letting me know I was receiving a refund. Just the other day I received this one. $1.00 back in my pocket on a game I purchased.

This is as close to free money as your going to find folks.

Paribus save


What does Paribus get out of this? Pretty simple, they take 25%. I think that’s a pretty hefty cut. I think something more like 5-15% would make more sense. BUT who am I to complain? Right now they’re the only game in town. If they’re not watching my old purchase prices, I certainly won’t. That $1.37 up above isn’t something I would have ever found.



Overall, I’m super impressed and suggest you sign up with Paribus and save some money..

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  1. EL @ Moneywatch101

    IT seems like a great little app. I am still unsure how they can successfully negotiate with companies to return money to consumers after a purchase. But if it works it works, and gives consumers more power. Thanks for the tip.

    1. Post

      I guess I didn’t explain that piece, thanks for the question. They aren’t actually negotiating with the company. They’re taking advantage of existing price match guarantees that companies like Amazon already have in place.

      If I had noticed the price drop, I could have asked Amazon for that money back, and it would have been provided, no questions asked. Paribus is just watching your purchases and sending the emails on your behalf.

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