November Fruit Tree Update

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The best part of November and December is obviously the holidays. But here in Houston, my other favorite thing is watching the citrus change colors. I think it’s a wonderful thing that right when people are most in need of Vitamin C, the orange trees are perfectly ripe. Not every one realizes this, but oranges start out completely green and spend the bulk of their growth that color. It’s not until roughly the first of November that they start to change. First they’re a lemon-lime color, then an almost sickly orange, before hitting that deep orange color, which is when you know they’re ready. If you try one before that you’ll gt an extremely sour experience.

I’ve put in 8 citrus trees, but they haven’t grown much to date. The saving grace, that gives me the patience to continue to keep trying to nurture these trees, is looking at my orange tree. This tree was already in place when we moved in and I estimate its 5-8 years old? It’s now putting off at least a 100 oranges and I plan to count this year to find out just how many. Every morning I look out on that tree and it makes me happy.





The only other citrus trees that I’ve put in that are showing any fruit so far are the kumquats. We put in a Meiwa Kumquat and Changshou Kumquat which are doing nicely. The Meiwa Kumquat is doing well and really putting on some fruit. The Changshou has grown about the same, but not much fruit so far.


Meiwa Kumquat putting on fruit!



Changshou Kumquat

The figs from 2 years ago have really come along. The LSU towers over me now. I’m having to actively bring down its height each fall and winter. The other one, which i stupidly lost the tag to before writing it down, is still pretty short, but has put on quite a bit of size and looks very strong.  Fig season is over, but for some reason they both decided to put on an extra mini crop this year that have really grown. They’re getting close to harvest as well.


LSU fig really putting on some size. I’m having to actively keep it within the 10 foot range.


Our 2nd mini fig crop on our LSU Fig.


More LSU figs looking good this late in the season


Mystery fig looking good


Mystery figs mini crop

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