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gofobo3Someone on twitter turned be on to gofobo and I’d thank them if I could figure out who put it out there.  I think the frugalistas will love gofobo. The site is the easiest way I know of to regularly have the opportunity to see brand new movies in theaters for free. In the past couple of month I’ve seen 2 new releases the first week and had the opportunity to screen at least 2 others.


How does it work?

It’s incredibly simple. Sign up with your zip code and email address and gofobo will email you anytime there are passes available for a movie in your area. You then have the opportunity to redeem a couple, print the tickets at home, and that’s it!



This isn’t a referral of any type and I don’t get anything from posting it. I just thought it was a pretty novel way for a free date night at least once a month. I hope you enjoy. If you manage to see any free movies from this post, please stop back by and let me know!

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