Index Card Challenge – Part 3

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This is part 3 of the index card challenge. To check out the earlier submissions head over to Part 1 and Part 2 or head to the Index Card Challenge. Definitely check it out if you came over from my collaboration with J. Money over at RockStar Finance since we didn’t post all the cards there and you don’t want to miss any of the great advice my personal finance peers are putting out in the world.

Today I’ve got a few more cards from names big and small across the blogosphere, who are giving you gold on an index card. If you want to submit your own index card, send me a photo to


Northern Exposture

Northern Exposure - Index Card Challenge

Fervent Finance

FF_Index Card



Index Card Challenge - GenFKD

Self Employed Movement

Self Employed Movement - Index Card Challenge

Financially Fitz

Financially Fitz - Index Card Challenge

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